TESTIMONY: Scotland – Mary Magdalene, Knights Templar, Rosslyn Chapel, Freemasonry Revealed


TESTIMONY: Scotland - Mary Magdalene, Knights Templar, Rosslyn Chapel, Freemasonry Revealed
Arlin Ewald Nusbaum

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“SCOTLAND” details Arlin and Tammy’s trip to Greece that was interrupted at the Heathrow Airport. All flights were canceled for a week because of terrorist threats, so they traveled north instead into Scotland, to the famed Rosslyn Chapel, depicted in the ending scene of The Da Vinci Code.

Without former knowledge that its builder was Arlin’s 15th great-grandfather or that he had any family ties to Scotland at all, there opened to him a total of 10 visions over the span of 2 days of the past (and future) of Rosslyn, the chapel, and his Sinclair/St. Clair family line.

Different teachers were sent over the years to explain the visions, with the last being the Lord Jesus, who taught Arlin the truth regarding whether He married or faked His death.

Readers will also learn the truth about Mary Magdalene, the Knights Templar, the origins of Freemasonry, and who discovered America, including the precise location and day! They will learn who the enemies are, how the Times of Refreshing were fulfilled, a 20-generation pattern, a Moses parallel, and how Scotland helped fulfill Bible prophecy.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
    1. Visions
    2. Mantels
    3. Reincarnation
    4. DNA
    5. Cloud of Witnesses
    6. Steven Brooks
    7. Summary
  3. Scotland
    1. Heathrow Airport Shuts Down
    2. Room 1313
    3. Spiritual Warfare
    4. Caravan Northward
    5. Andrew Sinclair
    6. Castellum Rouge
    7. The Passing of Sacred Knowledge
    8. Modern-Day Moses
    9. Freemasonry
    10. His Office
    11. Joseph – As a Type
    12. John Calvin
    13. Charles Barclay
    14. Thomas Campbell
    15. William Madison Wall
    16. The Secret Scroll
    17. My Freemasonry Testimonies
    18. Enemies
    19. St. Magnus Cathedral
    20. A Grail Chapel
    21. Roslin Castle
  4. America
    1. Arthur St. Clair
    2. Texas
  5. Summary & Conclusion
    1. Introduction
    2. Summary
    3. Conclusion
    4. Call to Action
  6. Appendix: Anchorite
    1. Background
    2. Example – Julian of Norwich
  7. Appendix: Andrew Sinclair, Coast to Coast AM, Jan. 22, 2007
    1. Transcript
  8. Appendix: Freemasonry Books
  9. Appendix: Insiders by John Welch
  10. Appendix: John F. Kennedy Secret Societies Speech
  11. Appendix: Kirkwall Secret Scroll B&W
  12. Appendix: Illuminati & Council on Foreign Relations by Myron Coureval Fagan, 1967
    1. Background
    2. Audio
    3. Transcript
  13. Appendix: Discoverer of America by Thomas Sinclair, 1893
  14. Appendix: Rosslyn Report – 1888
  15. Appendix: Kirkwall Secret Scroll B&W
  16. Appendix: Westford Knight
  17. Appendix: Leif Eriksson
  18. Appendix: Genealogy
  19. Index